Meatballs – Simple, But Delicious

“That’s a spicy meatball” said a lad in a dodgy Italian accent that I past earlier in the street. It’s amazing how the mind works, as it made me recall a past trip to Melbourne and my own meatball experience!

I was in Melbourne last year for their Food & Wine Festival.  It had been a  long day and after a few beers to wind down, I felt hungry. Not really a problem in Melbourne as it is full of great restaurants and eateries, but it was getting late and I wanted fast food, but not the global chain restaurant variety!  The question was where could I go?

Luckily I was in the company of a PR Executive for the Food & Wine Festival and she soon pointed me in the right direction. “Go up Flinders Lane and to The Meatball & Wine Bar.  It cannot get any simpler or quicker and it tastes pretty damn good too!”

So basically, it is a bar that sells quick eats, not just meatballs. However, I was sold on the meatball idea and had placed my order within minutes of arriving.

The process was simple, first choose your meatballs.

Pork (Black Berkshire breed) with Fennel, Sage & Orange.
Beef (Pasture Feed Angus) …that’s it!
Chicken (Lilydale organic) with Pistachio, Muscatels, & Parmesan
Fish (line caught white fish) with Dill & Lemon
Vegetarian (Locally sourced Cauliflower, Chickpeas & Coriander).

Next choose your sauce.
Red (Italian Tomato), White (Creamy) or Green (Pesto Salsa Verde).

Then finally a vehicle to carry it all – Italian Beans, Creamy Polenta, Potato Smash, Homemade Pasta or Veg.

I told you it was simple!

It hit the spot perfectly.  It was wholesome, the ingredients all had a provenance, and I think a concept that would work well here in the UK too. A pub or wine bar that wants to start selling food would be a perfect candidate. The idea is yours… just as long as I can be a Brand Ambassador!
135 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

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