About Hampshire Food Blogger Tim McMinn

Who is Culinary Chatter?

Tim McMinnHi, my name is Tim.  I am a Hampshire based food writer and blogger, and I started my blog in December 2014.  It was watching Keith Floyd on television that started my interest in food.  He simply said in one of his programs “To experience Thai food, don’t go to a Thai restaurant, buy yourself a plane ticket and go to Thailand.”  From then on I wanted to gain my own experiences, and I have.  I enjoy travelling, 81 countries under my belt so far (not that I’m counting!!) and many more to go.

About What I Do

I enjoy eating and drinking, so I dine out and about, fitting in as many different food festivals and events that I can.  You can find all my reviews about the different restaurants, pubs and events I go to on my blog.  I also write or share recipes that I think you would like to try, along with the occasional rant!  You can read my Editorial Policy here.

Working Together

If you would like to contact me about any related PR work, freelance writing or partnership/sponsored projects, you can contact me at the following email address culinarychatter@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Social Media

I tweet regularly.  Please feel free to join in or tweet me @culinarychatter.
You can find more of my food and travel photographs on Instagram.
Culinary Chatter has it’s very own page on Facebook, where I share food related news and blog updates.  I also enjoy sharing other peoples food and drink photos on Pinterest, please come and have a look.

Contact Form

For all non-PR related contact, please use the following Contact Form and I will be in touch soon.

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