Winchester Distillery – Hampshire Fine Dry Gin

Based in Old Alresford in Hampshire’s South Downs you will find The Winchester Distillery.  Founded by Paul Bowler in 2014, they use a variety of local botanicals to blend their premium spirits and other alcoholic infusions, which are all made in small batch quantities.  Their newest product is Hampshire Fine Dry Gin.

Twisted Nose

If you are local to Hampshire and a gin fan, you may already by familiar with their Twisted Nose range which includes Watercress Gin, where watercress is one of the locally sourced botanicals they use.  They also have an Extra Dry Vermouth, a Oak-Aged Gin and also Wasabi Vodka.

Hampshire Fine Dry Gin

Winchester Distillery’s newest product is their Fine Dry Gin, rich in Macedonian juniper and slowly distilled in their traditional pot still.  Two of the six closely guarded botanicals is fresh lemon and lime peel, they are carely vapour-infused above the boiling alcohol to give the gin a fresh zesty finish.  To complment these flavours Winchester Distillery recommend serving Hampshire Fine Dry Gin over plenty of ice, with a good tonic water and with a citrus twist.

Other Serving Suggestions

There are many ways you can drink gin, whether it be simply with ice and tonic water or maybe you could try a cocktail from the Alistair Burgess Cocktail Masterclass.  Here are some of my favourites, but I would love to hear about yours too.

Tonic Water & Lime

Probably the most classic way to drink gin, you don’t need to fiddle around with it.  Serve with plenty of ice.

Hampshire Fine Dry Gin
Tonic Water and Lime…
Ginger Ale, Rosemary & Lime

A lovely long drink that we tried when dining at The Victoria Inn in Salcombe, was a gin served with ginger ale and rosemary.  It was very refreshing, the rosemary gave a fragrance that on the nose complemented the ginger ale.  Adding lime this time helps bring out the citrus flavours you find in Hampshire Fine Dry Gin.

Hampshire Fine Dry Gin
Ginger Ale, Rosemary and Lime…
Gin & Orange

This is a drink that I remember from many years ago.  My granny would occassionally drink it and to be honest I have never seen anyone drink it since!  However, I thought that it should go well with the citrus element to Hampshire Fine Dry Gin, so I decided to recreate it.  Use one and a half parts gin to three parts orange juice, orange peel and of course plenty of ice.  Actually it wasn’t that bad… nice one granny!

Hampshire Fine Dry Gin
Gin and Orange…

I received a complimentary bottle of Hampshire Fine Dry Gin from Winchester Distillery.  However, all editorial content is my own.

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