Summery Raspberry Sorbet

Now we are having a burst of warm sunshine and it’s suddenly started to feel a bit like summer, (and long may it last), it is very refreshing to have something that is light and cooling.  A sorbet is ideal, ice cold and sweet, but tart at the same time.  Sorbet is in fact very easy to make, and the following method works for pretty much any soft fruit.  As it contains no dairy or gluten, it is a good choice if you are lactose intolerant or vegan.  Do try this very summery raspberry sorbet, I think you will find it a very moreish!


930g Raspberries
240g Icing Sugar
60g Honey
Pinch of Salt


Place your raspberries into a blender and blitz into a pulp.  Using a fine sieve, pass the pulp to remove the seeds, so you end up with a smooth puree.  To this puree add the remaining ingredients and combine together with a whisk.

Summery Raspberry Sorbet

Add this mix to an ice cream maker and churn for approx 30 minutes, until it reaches a thicker consistency similar to ice cream. Of course you are going to eat some immediately, but with whatever you may have left, this can be put into a Tupperware box and be stored in a freezer.

Summery Raspberry Sorbet

If you do not have an ice cream churner, simply put the mixture in a Tupperware box and place in the freezer, whisking it every 15 minutes so it freezes evenly. Keep whisking until you get to a thick consistency.  It will not be quite as smooth as using a churner and is a slightly longer process, but it’s not too taxing and is definitely worth the effort.

You could make the same mixture into a granita, which is an Italian style sorbet.  Instead of whisking it every 15 minutes, use a fork to rough up the mixture, creating larger granular ice crystals.

Summery Raspberry SorbetIf you have any summery recipes to help cool you down, please share them with me!

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