Raw Urban Hampshire Honey

For all you honey lovers who enjoy eating honey on a regular basis, it wouldn’t surprise me if you have one or more jars of this golden liquid in your cupboards.  Southampton local Warwick Newson, introduced me to his Raw Urban Hampshire Honey.

I recently meet up with Warwick in his local pub, to have a chat about bee keeping and honey, over a couple of pints.   Warwick has only recently started keeping his own bees and is literally reaping the rewards for all their hard work.  His honey came first place in the Southampton District Bee Keepers competition in November 2016, and then he won Third Prize in the New Forest Honey Show in January 2017.

Raw Urban Honey

Raw Urban Hampshire Honey

Warwick got hold of his first swarm of bees, almost a year ago from his local Bee Society.  His first batch of honey that was bottled in June last year, would have been produced from local flowers that were in bloom over spring all within approximately 1/2 a mile of the Shirley area of Southampton.  It was a very clear, but quite a complex honey with a lot of depth.  I could definitely taste the flowers and it had a woody overtone.

Hampshire Honey
Batch One
Hampshire Honey
Spring Honey

Hampshire Honey (7)

His second batch of honey, Warwick described as a Heather Honey.  It was much sweeter and had a more rounded classic honey taste, reminded me very much of the honeycomb you get in a Crunchie Bar.

Hampshire Honey
Batch Two
Hampshire Honey
Heather Honey

Hampshire Honey (8)

Warwick has since got his second swarm of bees that he found in his own garden.  He said you do it for the love of honey, not money.  Unless you are in London where some honey can sell for £15 a jar.  Warwick says his bee produce approximately 75 jars each year.  Imagine if he was only in London!

If bee keeping is something you are interested in Warwick recommends contacting your local Bee Society.  They will offer training courses and also help you with acquiring your first swarm.

If you wish to purchase some of Warwick’s honey (it will be less than £15 a jar) you can get it  by contacting: The Park Inn, 37 Carlisle Road, Southampton SO16 4FN

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